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have partnered in bringing healthy juice cleanses, smoothies and bowls to YOU!  

To customize a juice cleanse, gain optimum health benefits, or simply to improve overall wellness, visit KB's website at:

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Interested in doing a juice cleanse?  You got it!  Our juice cleanse is specially crafted by Integrative Nutrition Coach Kristen Blake of KB Wellness. Call or stop by RENEW JUICE CO., to order your cleanse.  Please allow 1 business day to get your cleanse ready! 

For more information on how to work with Kristen, on in depth cleansing guidance, or other, visit her at:

Kristen began studying health and nutrition many years ago when her husband, Steve Blake, knew he needed to do something special to stay on top of his game in the NBA.  After working alongside top nutritionists and Doctors in the NBA for over a decade and graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Kristen is excited to share what she's learned with you.  Her carefully created line of juices, smoothies and bowls will help you stay on top of your game, whatever that may be!